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About Us

At Sino-Asia Group, we specialise in Supply Chain Management and Global Trade Solutions. We seek to provide world-class trade services in the ASEAN Economic Zone.

We arrange the product sourcing, freight logistics, taxes and domestic delivery so the entire process is simple and stress-free.


About Us


Our company was founded in early 2019 due to our collective experience and understanding of the import/export solutions needed in various industries. That, along with our strong business relationships with global logistics companies and manufacturers, made our vision of reducing business costs all over South East Asia a reality.

Since our establishment, we have stayed true to our principles and created effective ways for enterprises to engage in projects of all sizes.

Our Mission


Our mission is to passionately break down international/cultural barriers and provide the most efficient solutions that reduce both the stress, and the cost associated with global importing/exporting. The ideal end vision for us being that our clients both have more time to focus on what matters to them, and lower costs to fuel future success.


We always strive to maintain our client satisfaction in regards to our high levels of customer service. Maintaining strong business relationships with our clients is of utmost importance to us. The after-sell is just as critical as negotiation for our team.

Our Companies

Sino- Asia Hotel Supplies was our first venture. We aimed to provide solutions for importing and exporting goods in the hospitality. industry. Since its creation, we have helped benefit a large number of clients with our services. 

With our second venture, which is still a work in progress, we are delighted to continue the success from our first venture and offer solutions in the construction industry.

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